Hey there!
I'm a Brazilian/Dutch designer in Amsterdam with 15+ years of diverse design experience. Specializing in product design, I currently contribute to AirFrance - KLM, enhancing customer trip preparations. My background in business and data analysis provides a unique angle, focusing on using design to drive innovation and growth.
Key to my approach is understanding users, empathizing with their needs, and deeply knowing the business to create exceptional experiences. I bring a flexible mindset to each project, customizing processes from findings sessions to prototypes. Collaborating closely with product managers and engineers, I ensure designs align with feasibility and constraints.
Outside work, I'm passionate about learning languages and cooking, reflecting my appreciation for diverse cultures. This commitment to learning extends to my professional life, where I stay updated on the latest design trends and technologies

Interested in learning more about me?

I'd be happy to share my CV, and password for my work or answer any questions you may have. Just drop me a line below!
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