Product and Packaging Design

2012 - 2016


I started my career in graphic and product design. For more than 8 years I worked in the licensing business and developing products for global brands as Fox, Coca-Cola, Paul Frank and Disney. In my position at Disney, I worked in the Food, Health & Beauty Category as for Toys & Stationery. I was responsible for guiding licensees (partners) in brand style guides usage, approving their products and also developing inspiring products. Also, I created product roadmaps and analysed data of consumer behaviour to increase opportunities from the gaps between the company’s franchises.

Havaianas - Mickey Brazil

This big sandals company has a really close partnership with Disney in Brazil. For the World Cup that was going to be played in Brazil in 2014, there was a task force with the designers to develop artworks that could be used in products for the World Cup - Brazil theme. As you can imagine, Brazilians go crazy for the World Cup. I was responsible for creating a retro style guide for Mickey and Friends and, from the style guide, two Havaianas were made. For this project, I want to thank Paulo Triptelli, the designer responsible for Havaianas back them, that helped me presenting the concepts with my artworks.


Faber-Castell + AVON + Disney


Back to school has a huge period for sales in Brazil. As the partnership with AVON with Disney is strong, was proposed the do a partnership with Faber-Castell and create exclusive stationery kits. Working in this process had a lot of challenges, such as the time frame for production and combine 3 strict brandings into one product. But we successfully overcame the obstacles and the product was a huge success, being a sold out product.


Vult - Disney Villains Makeup


Vult is one of the biggest cosmetics companies in Brazil and I pitched them with a limited edition for the Disney Villains Makeup. As they loved the idea, they executed exactly as proposed. The collection was a huge success and sold out all over Brazil.


Danone - Avengers Age of Ultron and Frozen

We pitched Danone Brazil for Avengers - Age of Ultron movie release, we also presented the concept for Frozen to balance their portfolio. In this project, as we had a short deadline I worked with their agency to be able to deliver the product together with the movie release. Working with Food, Health & Beauty projects in Brazil require a lot of planning and cooperation as the regulatory organizations time frame for approval tend to be a huge obstacle in the product release process


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