During our fourth week in the Design Academy at Codaisseur, we were assigned a project with the developers from the Code Academy to develop a concept of an app from "Tinder for X" - a matching tool. For this assignment, we had a week.


Alina Rusu, Paul van de Ven

My roles:

Brainstorm and wireframes; User flow; UI and Branding; Prototyping.

Defining Product and Personas

To start the process we brainstormed what we were going to match and decided to go with a concept that would make the hiring process in IT more casual. A product that would connect developers to companies/recruiters in a region. Defined the concept, I started working on two personas for our product: the casual developer and the recruiter.


Having these users in mind I proposed a user flow for the app, in a really simple way and with features for messaging and keeping track of the matches. For our MVP at the end of the week, we would build the matching feature. And I would work to develop all the screens and a prototype to test with users.


This was only for day one. We needed to rush in order to accomplish our goal so I defined the wireframes for the app as the developers started working in the back end and the possible front end.


Desiging and Prototyping

With the wireframes, the developers started coding the backend and I could do some user testing with it to take some assumptions out. Also, it was important to test first the UI because time was short and I wouldn't be able to to do further changes for the presentation of the concept. I also organized all the information architecture so the developers could have the resources in the case I was out for testing. Testing done, I started with the UI for the app and logos. To come out with a logo we did a brainstorm for the name. As a fast process, we made quick decisions and I could move over to start the UI development. Aligning with the developers, I needed to handle them the complete UI on Wednesday afternoon, which gave me a day and a half to work on the style guide and the screens.

Style Guide Final Screens Final Screens

With some time to spare, we were able to achieve our goal and deliver our MVP. I was also able to make a mockup.

Mockup Video Check the Prototype

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