Charity Project - Night Shelter



On my bootcamp at Codaisseur it was proposed a redesign exercise from a charity work that you believed and worked for. I picked up the Night Shelter from my hometown that does an amazing working, giving support for those in need night-and-day. The proposal was to develop for them a new responsive landing page. We had 3 afternoons for this assignment.

My roles:

UI Design

The current design

Current Design

As a non-profitable institution, the website doesn't have a lot of resources. I mapped a lot of double information, and for my proposal I would do more direct and straightforward for users.

Logo Redesign

I started with a logo redesign, to expand all the communication from it. I wanted to give the user the message that the shelter works in the day, not only in the night, with programs to help people to get back in track with their lives.


Wireframes and Style Guide

In order to organize more the information and create the wireframes and the style guide. I picked a darker mixed brighter colors to bring the feel of night/day to the design. Also to help anyone who might take new photos for the website, I created a simple guideline for photos with examples.

Style Guide

Final Screens

The result was a bright and cheerful landing page that has clear information and is really direct for people who wants to help the institution. It's also easier now to find the information you need.

Screens Responsive Screens

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Product and Packaging

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